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   Dear Friends, Fearless Puppy very much appreciates your friendship–and needs one final bit of help. We are beginning the concentrated marketing phase that has been ten years in preparation. It all starts right here with you. The Fearless Puppy project and our previous charitable efforts (see website if unfamiliar with them) have always been the definition of “grass roots.”  Please go this one more very big but simple step with us. Please forward this one-page book release announcement through your friends, contacts, and connections at your various social networks.  It will help immensely (and they may choose to get involved and forward it through their networks as well!) We are enjoying a lot of media coverage in the USA and are sprouting partnerships in Europe that may be instrumental in attaining our goal, but this initial contact to readers is really the make-or-break phase of it all. Just a little bit of your time can accomplish amazing things. Please help. Thank you very much.


 “Once you accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something,
wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” Albert Einstein


Reincarnation Through Common Sense is a book of stripes and plaid in the most entertaining sense of Einstein’s words. Westerners have written many books about living in Asian temples. None are like this true story.

       The rural Buddhist Monks and Nuns of a forest temple in Asia adopt a very troubled soul from Brooklyn, New York. He can’t speak the language. No one there speaks English. He is penniless, has no intention of studying spiritual discipline, and is amusingly psychotic. He writes to future readers in order to tame his comic, cosmic insanity. This is not a book by a theology student! The author is nonetheless given access to the ancient roots and spiritual wings that define the Wisdom Professionals who have rescued him. He redefines life and reports the details in a manner so intimate and natural that you’ll think you are sitting on a barstool, and in the temple, next to him. You may laugh your butt off on the way to Nirvana! 

       Magic is redefined as objective reality and common sense. Spirit is presented as a functional friend, without the fairy dust. Moods run from adventurous psychosis through enlightened bliss as writing styles run through ancient prose to the most erudite modern internal rhyme (hip hop/rap). The main character’s life runs through death and into reincarnation without ever leaving his body—and he describes this process to us in living color.

       This down to earth treatment gives a clear view in simple terms of truths that we more often find fossilized within concretized symbols beneath rusting metaphor. For an experience unique in comedic drama, spirituality, adventure, and sheer creativity, start reading Reincarnation Through Common Sense from the beginning.     $21 in print     e-book $5.75        ISBN#978-0-692-01952-8

direct link to Amazon print and Smashwords e-book at our website

Fearless Puppy on American Road This amazing true story reads like a fantasy. Fearless Puppy is a transfictional self-help book. It is both comedic and dramatic—a butt kicking, page-turning adventure story that makes deep spiritual impressions.

       Within this book you will meet several saintly Tibetan Lamas. You will also meet a man who is his own uncle, specialists in smoke, mirrors, and invisibility, spirited sex, oxygen orgasms, heavenly Hell’s Angels, phony preachers, domestic violence/domestic solutions, racist killers in America, Canadian race wars, Native American wise men, some Christian ethics and Jewish ritual, angelic witches, benevolent heroin addicts, magical birds, an all-lesbian band playing a rock concert for the deaf, the musician raised by multi-ethnic golden-hearted prostitutes, martial artists battling neo-Nazis, the modern-day Robin Hood, and many other strangely wonderful people.

       Buckle your seatbelt tightly, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride. Fearless Puppy runs on rocket fuel!

       *Please forward this through your contact and friend lists, and to anyone you think might be interested. Help us raise funds to sponsor Wisdom Professionals. Your effort is important! Thank you.

$21 in print    e-book $5.75        ISBN#978–0615781181


Doug “Ten” Rose may be the biggest smartass as well as the wisest and most entertaining survivor of the hitchhiking adventurers that used to cover America’s highways. He is the author of Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense, has survived heroin addiction and death, and is a graduate of over a hundred thousand miles of travel without ever having driven a car, or owning a phone or bank account. Ten Rose and his work are a vibrant part of the present and future as well as an essential remnant of a vanishing breed.



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