I Need Advice Please From Worldly Smart People!

I Need Advice Please From Worldly Smart People! The basics—1) Months of 12 hours per day social network promo has left me too crippled to type/post more than a few minutes at a time [62 years old/arthritic/degenerative spinal disease] 2) Project to sponsor wisdom teachers is funded by all author profits from two books that have twenty-two 5*reviews between them on Amazon.    Okay, Internet Angels! I can no longer physically work the keyboard much, am at a loss for how else to continue promoting the books in order to fund the project, and am looking for clues. When I die, it will be no big deal. Old people do that. But if the project dies before it fully grows up, that would be severely tragic. I’m told the books are exceptional but much more importantly, I know this project will provide a major contribution to global sanity. Thanks for reading this and for sending along any ideas, connections, or constructive suggestions you may have. Be well. Love,  Tenzin (Doug “Ten” Rose) ten@fearlesspuppy.org p.s. Project director/author has 30 years of cheers from Congressional Record, Boston Globe, and…well you’d have to see it to believe it, and you can at http://www.fearlesspuppy.org and in some of the reviews.