The Society For Creative Maladjustment


Happy actual BD MLK Jr.! This from the book in progress. The Society for Creative Maladjustment

Based on a speech by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dedicated to him, the Giraffe Society, human Giraffes everywhere,
and to the Giraffe that lives in each of us.

Most institutions, including government, religious, and economic ones, share a stance that profits when the public craves stability, fears change, and clings religiously to status quo. These institutions promote as well as embody that craving for stability and that fear of change.
In a vain, ridiculous, and doomed quest for permanence, status quo attempts to avoid the growing pains and power shifts required by progressive change. One method used to accomplish profitable stagnation is to downplay the new and better. Status quo has tagged brilliant folks throughout history with some pretty dubious titles in an attempt to trivialize the importance of what theseā€¦

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