Never Give Up!

This bit was written to benefit discouraged people. I know you are probably not one of the discouraged, but I’ll bet you know someone who is. If so, please post this on to them. Be well. Thank you!
The Dalai Lama and so many others throughout history have said, “Never Give Up!” There can be no more important action over the next few months than to continue strongly supporting the only candidate for president that has more love for the people than for the profit. Work vigorously. With every vote Bernie gets, it pushes Hillary a little further left. Miracles happen! Although not likely, it is still possible that enough folks to push Bernie past the corruption will wake up late. On amore (mis-spacing intentional) practical level, we have to make a statement to the rest of the world, and to history. What’s happening now echoes elements of the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. book Player Piano. In it, a character decides to proceed with the revolution in spite of impossible odds, “For the record.” That is to say, so people in the future can see that tyranny is always worth opposing regardless of results, that it has been done, and that it can be done. Who knows?! Maybe our actions today will inspire a new generation to finalize our current process on behalf of justice and compassion! For the benefit of these 3 points I will never give up. 1–Every vote for Bernie pushes Hillary left. Our voices continue to be heard, even if our volume has been stolen by corruption. 2–History needs this to be done as diligently and energetically as possible, “For the record.” 3—The forces against us are self-centered while lacking a centered self. They are not going to steal who I am. I know who the best man for the job is, I know what the zeitgeist of the thinking/feeling/conscious folks in my country is, and I know that I will give no compromise or quarter to the nonsense that Dharma deficient, morally bankrupt, selfish-to-the-point-of-mental-illness political powers foster in America and throughout the world—or to the corporate, industrial, and banking despots who foster wars, corruption, and are the central nervous system of the current personal-profit-uber-alles attitude that operates at the expense of great suffering for many. Everyone lives, and then they die. This planet’s dirt, and the political and systemic miscreants that wallow in it, will eventually end up with my dead body in one of their cemeteries–but for every single day until that happens, they will never have my compliance, obedience, or surrender. p.s. The Dalai Lama video attached was made well before this primary election season. Bernie Sanders is not mentioned in it. I just thought it oddly kismetic that I ran across it while writing this. Considering how similar these two men are in their positive intentions and efforts, my blurb and this video seemed like they were supposed to go together. If you are in tune with the writing, you’ll also like what’s at the Fearless Puppy website and in the two books featured there. Be well.