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Psychic Politics Buffet-style

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Part 2 of the 5 part Epilogue—Erasing the lines


         There is often a line between what we would like to believe and what is in front of our eyes. There are similar lines that separate psychedelic, psychic, and psychotic. These lines can be very thin at times. Let’s erase them for a few pages.


        My friend John is a wonderful person, but he has some weird moments. John himself will admit that he’s often buggier than a June picnic.


        John, myself, and a dozen other folks were actually at a picnic together several years ago in June. The group was growling its concern about the corporate takeover of the world and the impending New World Order. They griped about how we will all soon be dependent for food and clothing upon one conglomerated parent company that will owneverything. More complaints and fears included the death of individualism and artistry, profits being given priority over people, destruction of the environment, dissolution of the middle class, degradation of human rights, and so on. Each rave was at least partially valid, and the list was endless.


        John broke in with, “Yeah, isn’t it great! The bad guys are doing it for us! Those selfish bastards are uniting the whole world!”


       Everyone looked at John as if he was made of green cheese.


        So did I.


        Over a decade later, I finally get it. Every effect has a cause that precedes it. That effect, over time, can become something very different from the motivation that sponsored its cause.


        Most people have an us/them, good guys/bad guys point of view. The condition they see does exist, but only as a temporary distortion. In the long run, everyone is “us.” Like it or not, we really are all in this together. That being said, we must still admit that a small handful of disproportionately empowered people are currently calling the shots for their own benefit while the majority of civilization gets short changed. Programmed impotence, stress, and various forms of techno-hypnosis have rendered the majority too numb to fight back. Both sides of this social equation represent the worst humanity has to offer. It does so in very dangerous ways. Our democracy is wounded by human greed on the one hand and human weakness on the other.


 “Democracy is like a tambourine. Not everyone can be trusted with it.” John Oliver


      Mr. Oliver is ironically funny and correct. My picnicking friend John was right too. “They” are doing it for “us.” The profits-over-people group, whether they are New World Order robber barons and dishonest bank executives or just morally bankrupt citizens, are causing world unification for their own selfish economic purposes. But as a positive effect of that poorly motivated unification, the gender versus gender dysfunction/race against race horrors/nationalist and religious wars that we now suffer will have to endThey have no choice. A unifying technology and globalizing economy have already become the central part of planetary culture. Racial, sexual, and national biases are already suffering a troubled survival on their way to obsolescence.


         John did forget to mention the darker half of the picture. This has all been happening in a very harsh manner, so far. War, poverty, disease, environmental destruction, toxic fear, repression, and other miseries are the tragic byproducts of the deadly levels of materialism, stress, and greed that motivate those who control much of our material world.


         Our remaining joys and freedoms will suffer debilitating dementia within our lifetimes if these motives and methods continue to overpower better instincts. Focus on being smarter and happier, and helping those around us to become smarter and happier, needs to be exercised immediately. Beginning this process may be as simple as realizing that if we are not having plenty of harmless fun, we are fucking up.


          Happiness can only become more popular than fear if we make it so. Nightmares can only be cured by waking up.


 “One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” Salvadore Dali


       Following through on this idea that we truly can make life a better ride will require some courage. Attitudes and priorities will have to change in order to accommodate more fun, happiness, and cooperation. Change is almost always accompanied by growing pains, even if that change is for the better.


         Planetary unification is becoming ripe enough for adoption by saner folks than the scoundrels who are creating it. As “we the people” inherit this global unity, we also inherit the responsibility for global care. Actually, it was always ours. For a long time we entrusted much of the job to government inefficiency, overburdened agencies, and nearly nonexistent corporate ethics. We hired the fox to guard the henhouse. Now, almost everything has to be cleaned up and that cannot be done later. An attitude of immediate necessity is essential to developing a saner policy of living while living is still a possibility. We need to decide pretty damn quickly that we want to stay alive as a species. We then need to live by the belief that a sane and moral accomplishment of that survival is the unquestioned priority over all other concerns—including material gains and financial profits.


            All this global care has no choice but to start as individual effort. Cleaner drops are still the only way to make cleaner oceans.http://www.fearlesspuppy.org