A Perfect Place

Happy Bob Marley BD (it was Feb. 6), Tibetan New Year (Feb. 12) and Valentine’s Day week! I hope you and yours are happy and healthy. Communications from America say that things are a little less crazy now that the election is over. That’s good. Even the most pro-American Asians were thinking we went a little wacky!            With any luck, folks in the USA will continue to take deep breaths and calm down. With a little effort, things will become less hateful and more loving as both the reds and blues start to realize that working together is the only way things will ever work at all. With that sentiment in mind, this week’s 1000 words are from the Fearless Puppy On American Road book, and about a time and place that remembers the more beautiful part of the American experience.            

Once something changes, it can never go all the way back to what it was. In many ways, that is a good thing. We can preserve some better parts of the life we already had while allowing room for new and improved ideas. Insisting that both those new ideas, and the parts preserved from the old, are employed as actual improvements that benefit the vast majority of us has become the non-negotiable, essential responsibility of each and every citizen. Like it or not, it seems we will have to stay actively, consciously, and intelligently involved in order to insure success.                    

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                                                                                             Rural Vermont               

Helpfulness. Tribalism at its best. Everyone works together on everything. Lives depend upon each other in temperatures well below zero.            

Hitchhiking is no longer just getting from here to there while barely knowing my host. Nearly every ride establishes or increases a friendship.            

More cows per square mile than people, more open space than cows, and more forest than open space. Pronounced seasons and cycles. Cold, white winters. Muddy springs. Vibrant green summers pulsating with life that knows it only has a few months to do what needs to get done. Rainbow autumnal foliage so brilliant that guests come from continents away to view it. Streams clean enough to drink from.            

Eggs come from happy chickens—not from the cruelty of large “animal production” warehouses.             Everyone waves hello to anyone driving by.            

There’s always time to speak with whomever you meet at the General Store or Post Office. There’s always time. No hurry. Life comes first. Being is more important than doing (once the doing gets done).             The only store in town is the size of five closets but has everything—food, hardware, videos, clothing, beer, and more. A giant empty cable spool acts as a table around which to enjoy coffee, home- made donuts, and the company of neighbors. A best friend makes maple syrup. Everyone grows incredible gardens.             

I have spent a lot of time with four other people and five beers staring into the open hood of a pickup truck that was not in need of repair.             

Wood keeps you warm three times—once when you chop it, again when you carry it in, and the third time when you burn it. Overflowing abundance lives here. Some folks want more. Few need more.              Theater groups that produce professional quality plays thrive in the forests of nearby vest-pocket towns.              The purity and clarity of omnipresent Nature rubs off on its human inhabitants. Crime, violence, and assorted hatreds appear only in newspapers and on TV stations. No one here has seen those things in person.              The Town Treasurer has a sign on his office explaining, “It’s very hard to get away with anything in a town this small.” Live and let live. If it hurts no one, it’s legal.             

Resourcefulness is a way of life. Anything you need can be built from left over parts of things that you don’t need anymore. If you don’t know how, someone will show you. They’ll be happy to help—even happier if you bring a beer to say hello and thank you.             

Deer hunters and trout fishermen deny slaughterhouses and corporate supermarket chains their abuses and profits. Unprocessed foods, hard exercise, low stress, clean air, and clean water deny the medical industry their profits from unnecessary surgery and drugs.             

Awe inspiring natural beauty excludes land developers and their profit-over-people motivation. Their concrete and steel are not welcome here. The industrial decay that would lead to profits for a large assortment of unethical folks in fancy suits is denied entry by the conscious decisions of simple, intelligent farmers in overalls.             

There will never be a Wal-Mart or a crack house here. There are many guns. They are never used for anything but hunting food. People are constantly helping each other to build a barn or house, dig out snow and mud, care for the children, cook, clean, weed the garden, and feed the animals. Anything that can be done at all is usually done by a group, even if it’s actually a one-person job. Folks enjoy each other’s company. Except in the most extreme circumstances, everyone deserves inclusion.              

Parties get thrown together instantly for no other reason than that someone feels like being the host.               On a Tuesday, my friend Mike told me that he was having a party at his house on the following Saturday.              

“What’s the occasion, Mike?”              

“The occasion is that I just came up with the bright idea of having a party. I’ll get out a side of venison and buy a keg of beer. Tell everyone you see to tell everyone they see. If anyone wants to bring more food and drink, that’s good. If not, we’ll be fine with what we’ve got, I figure.”              “

OK, Mike. I’ll get everyone but the assholes informed.”              

“Inform the assholes too, buddy! Who knows? Maybe if they got invited to more parties, they’d figure out how to act better and wouldn’t be such assholes.”              

It was hard to argue with Mike’s logic, but then again it is hard to argue with much of anything in a clean, friendly village.              

During those years of having a home community and base station, a lot of work got done elsewhere. Rest time there made hitchhiking across nearly every inch of road in Northeastern America possible. I probably hitchhiked as many miles regionally during this period as the number of miles that were traveled in all the previous cross-country trips. Each full month of whistle stops working for environmental groups and charities included many towns and cities. It included talking to independent business folks all day about various causes, sleeping wherever possible, and celebrating whenever plausible. At the end of road tours like that, staring at mountains in between long naps was more of a necessity than an option. It is a lot easier to burn yourself up on the road when you know that a perfect place to revive is waiting for you.               The focal points of the road binges included Greenpeace, Citizen’s Awareness Network, and self-organized efforts to help support a Mexican orphanage, raise awareness and funding for American homeless folks, and help the victims of a very severe African famine. The results varied. My little part as a team member in the environmental efforts worked consistently for over a decade at each. The orphanage and homeless projects I organized worked minimally. The famine relief effort worked very well. It involved a governor, two senators, labor unions, school systems, businesses, major league sports teams, rock bands, and more. Thousands of people in the Northeastern section of America gave massive help.                

This is a short chapter, but it covers a long period of years. Eventually, my good friend who allowed me this cabin in paradise had to liquidate his properties. This put me back out on the street at age fifty. But for a while, my life was as close to normal as it had ever been. It included long term friends and neighbors.                 Those years seem to have gone by very quickly. ​
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How The Cult of Personality Stole Your Life, and How to take It Back

Hi All! I hope you are well. The long awaited (so I’ve been told) Reincarnation Through Common Sense is now available as an ebook and the print version will be up within a month. I hope sales will rocket as all profits will be donated to sponsor Wisdom professionals (see http://www.fearlesspuppy.org for details). Meanwhile, another book, Voices of reason From the End of the World, is on the way. Here’s a bit from it about celebrity, the lives of celebrities, and the realizationImage that our own life is a more important thing to keep track of.

What Does Matter

(with gratitude for attitude to Saint Carlin)

           Just so there are no misunderstandings, I would like to officially state something. Almost none of the people (there are a few exceptions) who are complimented in this book as teachers and influences actually know, or ever knew me. I’m not trying to make believe that I am in some kind of buddies club with every fucking genius on Earth, or that I have personally met and had social what-to-do with any of these people. I go to lectures, classes, concerts, get the books, and watch them on the computer, HBO specials, or PBS—just like nearly everyone else who has been smart enough to seek them out, or lucky enough to stumble across their information. I have an active imagination. Even video contact can affect me strongly at times, but that’s where most of the “relationships” end.

What is the big deal with this meeting-a-famous-person shit, anyway? A few people have become a lot more known than the rest of us. Sometimes this happens because we admire a person’s genius, talent, or merit. Just as often, it happens through no actual accomplishment on the part of the famous person! It often happens because shill marketing and media conglomerates with paper assholes are selling the public an image, and an artificial relationship to it. These media and marketing folks work for corporate pimps that collect big bucks from this artificially manufactured hero-worship. This hero-worship results in bizarre purchasing habits on the part of consumers who have been hypnotized into believing that their imagined connection with the “hero” is concrete, meaningful, and has some connection to the product for sale.

Being famous is no big fucking deal, and it is even less a big fucking deal if your major accomplishment is that you’ve met one of these celebrity heroes–whether they are of the real or artificially manufactured variety. Celebrity itself is often bullshit. Celebrity by association is even more so.

There’s no end to the respect I have for the people who are mentioned in this book, but I wouldn’t brag about meeting or knowing them personally. Meeting someone means less than a rat’s ass.

Brag about meeting, say, Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama? I don’t think so. I’d brag if I spoke and acted as nobly as Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama!

No, on second thought, I guess I wouldn’t.

Regardless, meeting or knowing someone else doesn’t make you, yourself, an improved or more admirable individual. That happens when you are actually being, doing, or somehow taking part in something admirable. I feel so strongly about this that the following true story is one of my all time favorite moments in life.

It was a beautiful autumn day in the mid-1980s at Hugo’s bar in scenic Northampton, Massachusetts. After an all day effort to deplete the world’s beer supply, a sudden flash of inspiration came to me. Over the course of the following several months that inspiration developed into a successful statewide charity project. It got a lot of attention and publicity from the press because it involved high-level politicians, famous musicians, major league sports teams, unions, volunteers who didn’t get paid at all, and a hot button issue. Above all, the project went well because none of the money passed through our volunteer group but instead went directly from contributors to very well established and reputable charities. There was no possible question-of-trust factor. (More details are available in the About the Author section or website, if you are interested.)

Several months later I was back at Hugo’s, again doing my part to help society drain free of its alcohol content. I made this effort many times during the 1980s. A guy (decent sort) who infrequently frequented our watering hole came through the back door. He was known and well liked by one of the regulars at our table. Decent-sort-Mike was introduced to several people who were famous for not being able to remember names.

We invited him to join us.

Mike downed half a beer and suddenly turned wide-eyed. He stared at me for a few very long seconds. It was the kind of stare that made me wonder if he was on some powerful drug and I was showing up as a freshly tapped keg in his hallucination.

That wasn’t it. The mad stare was his sudden recognition of a person whom he knew had experienced the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame.

“You’re that guy from the newspapers. You’re great!” said decent-sort-Mike.

I had to reply, “Don’t be fucking ridiculous. I’m a drunk from Hugo’s, just like you are.”  The light went on in Mike’s more than slightly bloodshot eyes. It was that deeper kind of understanding that rarely happens, even between people who know each other very well. He got it.

A big slow “Wooooow!” came out of his mouth.

Mike suddenly realized that he could have done that charity project, and would have received the same attention from the media if he had. Instant insight told him that anyone could have done it. It was all just about getting up and doing it. I did kick my own drunken ass into the process, but that didn’t make me any more of a superman than him. The only difference between us was that I put that situation’s potential to actual use.

   We bought each other beers and talked for hours with no further misunderstandings.

 All of us humans have the same potential to be incredible.

Who you’ve met or know doesn’t matter.

Who you choose to be
and what you choose to do with your life
is what does matter.

Please see Fearless Puppy for information on the project to sponsor Wisdom Professionals, and the books whose sales profits fund that project. Thank you.

Psychic Politics Buffet-style

I’m Buying! Psychic Politics Buffet-style All You Can Eat Free Picnic Right Here. The following picnic is brought to you by Reincarnation Through Common Sense  http://www.fearlesspuppy.info Fearless Puppy

 Part 2 of the 5 part Epilogue—Erasing the lines

There is often a line between what we would like to believe and what is in front of our eyes. There are similar lines that separate psychedelic, psychic, and psychotic. These lines can be very thin at times. Let’s erase them for a few pages.

My friend John is a wonderful person, but he has some weird moments. John himself will admit that he’s often buggier than a June picnic.

John, myself, and a dozen other folks were actually at a picnic together several years ago in June. The group was growling its concern about the corporate takeover of the world and the impending New World Order. They griped about how we will all soon be dependent for food and clothing upon one conglomerated parent company that will owneverything. More complaints and fears included the death of individualism and artistry, profits being given priority over people, destruction of the environment, dissolution of the middle class, degradation of human rights, and so on. Each rave was at least partially valid, and the list was endless.

John broke in with, “Yeah, isn’t it great! The bad guys are doing it for us! Those selfish bastards are uniting the whole world!”

Everyone looked at John as if he was made of green cheese.

So did I.

Over a decade later, I finally get it. Every effect has a cause that precedes it. That effect, over time, can become something very different from the motivation that sponsored its cause.

Most people have an us/them, good guys/bad guys point of view. The condition they see does exist, but only as a temporary distortion. In the long run, everyone is “us.” Like it or not, we really are all in this together. That being said, we must still admit that a small handful of disproportionately empowered people are currently calling the shots for their own benefit while the majority of civilization gets short changed. Programmed impotence, stress, and various forms of techno-hypnosis have rendered the majority too numb to fight back. Both sides of this social equation represent the worst humanity has to offer. It does so in very dangerous ways. Our democracy is wounded by human greed on the one hand and human weakness on the other.

“Democracy is like a tambourine. Not everyone can be trusted with it.” John Oliver

Mr. Oliver is ironically funny and correct. My picnicking friend John was right too. “They” are doing it for “us.” The profits-over-people group, whether they are New World Order robber barons and dishonest bank executives or just morally bankrupt citizens, are causing world unification for their own selfish economic purposes. But as a positive effect of that poorly motivated unification, the gender versus gender dysfunction/race against race horrors/nationalist and religious wars that we now suffer will have to endThey have no choice. A unifying technology and globalizing economy have already become the central part of planetary culture. Racial, sexual, and national biases are already suffering a troubled survival on their way to obsolescence.

John did forget to mention the darker half of the picture. This has all been happening in a very harsh manner, so far. War, poverty, disease, environmental destruction, toxic fear, repression, and other miseries are the tragic byproducts of the deadly levels of materialism, stress, and greed that motivate those who control much of our material world.

Our remaining joys and freedoms will suffer debilitating dementia within our lifetimes if these motives and methods continue to overpower better instincts. Focus on being smarter and happier, and helping those around us to become smarter and happier, needs to be exercised immediately. Beginning this process may be as simple as realizing that if we are not having plenty of harmless fun, we are fucking up.

Happiness can only become more popular than fear if we make it so. Nightmares can only be cured by waking up.

“One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” Salvadore Dali

Following through on this idea that we truly can make life a better ride will require some courage. Attitudes and priorities will have to change in order to accommodate more fun, happiness, and cooperation. Change is almost always accompanied by growing pains, even if that change is for the better.

Planetary unification is becoming ripe enough for adoption by saner folks than the scoundrels who are creating it. As “we the people” inherit this global unity, we also inherit the responsibility for global care. Actually, it was always ours. For a long time we entrusted much of the job to government inefficiency, overburdened agencies, and nearly nonexistent corporate ethics. We hired the fox to guard the henhouse. Now, almost everything has to be cleaned up and that cannot be done later. An attitude of immediate necessity is essential to developing a saner policy of living while living is still a possibility. We need to decide pretty damn quickly that we want to stay alive as a species. We then need to live by the belief that a sane and moral accomplishment of that survival is the unquestioned priority over all other concerns—including material gains and financial profits.

All this global care has no choice but to start as individual effort. Cleaner drops are still the only way to make cleaner oceans. http://www.fearlesspuppy.info     Fearless Puppy