How To Love A Sociopath And Why It Is So Important To Do So

                       How To Love A Sociopath And Why It Is So Important To Do So

Congratulations! You have opened something that is not about the American presidential campaign!

Some of us may have an extra drink occasionally or smoke more than a sensible amount of weed now and then. Others may fudge a number here or there on our taxes. We’ve all literally and figuratively farted in public at least once in our lives—but few humans are as universally toxic as upper level politicians. By now we know that both candidates are a perverse distortion of democracy. Neither they nor any other bad actor on the political stage will be mentioned again here.

This article is about us real people.

Several folks have asked me the same very interesting question. It is possible that someone has asked you this same question, too! Here’s a short paragraph of backstory.

I have some friends (Democrat and Republican) that are politically conservative. Well, they like to think of themselves as Conservatives. As is true for most Americans I know who describe themselves as serious Conservatives regardless of party affiliation, these friends could more accurately be called Regressives. In mind-bending contrast to the personal kindness and generosity they often show to friends and family, these folks seem to turn a blind eye to the cruelty and consequences of our national actions. They don’t really want to conserve anything so much as they want to regress into ways of life that have, at least in part, been rightfully done away with already. These folks hate (i.e. are scared of) certain religions and races en masse. They love everyone in a uniform regardless of the actions performed by the people wearing those uniforms. They defend police brutality and military aggression as long as these actions are disguised as quasi-holy freedom-and-security crusades. These are the people who believe they don’t need to go through all the uncomfortable work of checking their attitudes or the facts because Fox News has already done that for them. My few conservative/regressive friends also, and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, seem to have strong ties to the Middle Ages regarding an inherited, habitual belief in a God who is always on their side during any conflict. They have never heard Ann LaMott’s quote “If your God hates the same people you do, you have created God in your image.” (Italics are mine.)

Here is the question that my more progressive friends ask me. “Whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, American, Saudi Arabian, Chinese, or otherwise—how can you hang out with sociopathic psychopatriots? What common ground could you possibly have with these people? Their attitudes aren’t much different than the attitudes of witch burners a few centuries ago.”

I have a few answers. Here they are.

The common ground I have with my conservative friends is the same common ground I have with you. We are all human beings. As humans, we are each equally desirous and deserving of happiness. We all want to be and have a right to be free from unnecessary suffering. This unified mind, this unanimous human direction of desiring happiness and bare minimal suffering is where each of us lives. Our realization of and respect for this common ground we share with all living things is humanity’s one and only possibility for attaining global sanity. That is why the Gandhis, Bernies, and Dalai Lamas keep trying to remind us of it. We all forget this basic fact too often. Honoring this common ground means making a serious effort to be as kind to every other person as one is to one’s self. The system also requires that one treat one’s self as a best friend. “Every other person” includes, of course, people of all political inclinations (as well as all races, nationalities, sexes, etcetera).

The few so-called conservative folks I know are so sweet and kind to the individual humans and animals they personally know, that I can love them for that alone. If that type of compassion spread itself around a little more, this would be a much better world. These regressive friends provide many learning experiences and a constant source of amazement for me, but they also show me how similar we all are. The contrast between the callous disregard they have for so many people who are just as human as the few people they regard so deeply is a schism that happens to some degree in each of us. An exaggerated ego attachment and sense of possession regarding things and people we consider “our own” is too often the defining characteristic of what many people call love. It is often mistaken for being love itself! Noticing this reminds me of how much work needs to be done within each of us, as well as the work that needs to be done in national and global arenas. “The only devils in this world live in our hearts, and it is there that all our battles should be fought.” Gandhi

My view of the “we’re all in this together” thing has to take on more depth and an increased, if ironical, sense of conviction after talking for a while with a regressive person. I am forced to realize that many otherwise wonderful or potentially wonderful people were badly programmed, brainwashed, and damaged—shaped since birth by a lot of inherited bullshit. This bullshit ranges from being as relatively harmless as the Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy myths all the way to the fatal notions that a God living in the sky wants us to kill people or that Nature is here to be dominated by humans. Each specific piece of this bullshit has been consistently reinforced throughout many generations, as well as during each individual’s lifetime, by the nearly constant and highly hypnotic volume of general misinformation fed to us by our culture.

People who once seemed “inherently evil” to me now seem to have the injured glow of abused children about them. You don’t throw sick children away. You help them to get as well as they can, as well as they will allow themselves to be. A lot of these regressive folks have never been hungry, homeless, brutalized, or had a bomb dropped on them for no reason. They have no first-hand concept of what those things feel like. But it goes deeper than that. Not only have they no base-station cognizance, much less experience, for the broader type of compassion to emanate from—they don’t want one. I can’t really blame them! No one wants to feel bad. Many people choose to remain willfully ignorant of the suffering of others—even if it means swallowing some bullshit explanation of that suffering in order to whitewash sympathetic pain and guilt from their minds. Many folks would rather see the wool that has been pulled over their eyes than see the less pleasant truth that would appear without it.

Denial of the painful moral inconveniences that are part of human reality has, to a sad and destructive extent, become the prime directive for many of us. To deny existence of our dilemmas may be convenient in the short run, but it kills any chance of finding solutions for those problems in the long run. It is much more comfortable to wear an inexpensive shirt if you block out or stay ignorant of the fact that it was produced by slave labor. It is easier to enjoy your gasoline-abundant road trips if you convince your self (or allow media-made popular consensus to convince you) that dropping bombs on innocent civilians in oil pimping countries is an effort to liberate victims of dictatorship. That blurry amendment to reality is a lot more palatable than facing the fact that many needless murders of innocent civilians help bring your gasoline to you. These types of moral malfunctions might be resolved with a little thought, effort, and compassionate tactical adjustment—but if they are not given appropriate attention, they can grow into cultural cancers that painfully eat a society and crap it into history’s sewer system.

There is also a deluded but very understandable logic to the regressive person’s tendency to deny problems and instead blame the victim. It is, for example, much easier to scapegoat poor people than it is to face the massive and amorphous job of solving poverty. The logic-of-convenience that allows scapegoating has no truth to it. But, much like everything else we choose to delude ourselves with, it makes perfect sense once you’ve bought the lie.

Nonetheless, and in spite of their tendency to replace objective reality with subjective beliefs, there is a human being and possibly a fine one under the seemingly sociopathic veneer of many a Conservative/Regressive. How can a person who thinks in terms of us/them be helped to see The Big We? Can we communicate the realization that both Yankee and Red Sox fans, strangers, friends, and enemies all equally deserve to enjoy happiness and a release from unnecessary suffering? What can we say that will make a person understand that happiness is doubly important because almost no one kills while they are smiling? How do we get folks to drop a little blind believing in exchange for some open-eyed thinking? How can we help our fellow humans to progress past fear, inherited ignorance, and cultural hypnosis? Maybe we can’t. But if we can, kindness and honesty presented in a respectful and non-combative form are the answers. Hatred and fear cannot survive long-term doses of truth and love.

These doses may be most potent during the immediate moment when we are actually being honest and loving with each other, but the more profound and lasting effect of all this truth and kindness requires time to solidify in the hearts and minds of our regressive friends—and it requires patience and consistency on our parts. No one ever actually changes anyone else’s mind for them. Every person is their own therapist, makes their own decisions, and has the last word about the directions their mind and life will take. But we can certainly open new avenues of thought and point to potential doorways for each other.

The presentation of these new ideas and doorways will rarely rate any attention from a listener unless that presentation is done without condescension or defensiveness.

On the other and much less productive side of this coin, any loss of patience or lack of respect for those we are talking with, any angry/frustrated arguing and screaming, only feeds the fire. Ignorance thrives on battlegrounds. Evidence against regressive thought needs to be presented strongly, confidently, and politely with a genuine concern for the person you are speaking with—without any anger, condescension, or scorn toward them. This kinder approach can eventually dissolve any ignorance.

Other valuable tools are also available. There is plenty of evidence we can site from popular sources that will impress our deluded brethren. It would be easy to show them where many respected public figures that they put stock in, from Jesus and Mohammed to Magic Johnson and Kris Kristofferson, have spoken out against bigotry, war, corruption, and the like. The right historical quote can relate strongly to present-day situations and might make a big impact on folks who are clinging to no-longer-relevant or downright delusional attitudes. Humor helps too. “If you’re going to tell people the truth, you better make it funny or they’ll kill you” Oscar Wilde.

Any quote that helps to make sanity’s point and keeps the people we are speaking with comfortably engaged is a quote worth using. “Regardless of the source, any phrase of proven truth that serves a noble purpose should speak its truth and serve its purpose.” OK, I just made that shit up—but in our age of search engines you can find a quote to fit any occasion, if you aren’t too stoned to go look for it.

Gently presenting alternative information to a partially clouded, somewhat fossilized mind may take months, years, or even generations. It can seem just as frustrating as the proverbial process of shoveling shit against the tide—but there is no better choice of action. Trying to explain the intricacies of global warming or the kharmic disadvantages of killing civilians to someone holding onto their materialized literal beliefs can leave us feeling like we might as well try to kick water uphill. Concretized misinterpretations of things that were written long ago as symbolic references can provide a severe test of any one’s patience. It can be mind-warping to attempt to speak sensibly with folks who have a firm belief in a white-skinned God that: is always on their side, loves America more than any other country, created Earth in six 24-hour days, asked penguins to toodle halfway up the globe in order to catch Noah’s boat ride, and through an adulterous affair with a virgin had a boy child named Jesus who liked to ride around on dinosaurs. But speaking sensibly to the folks who are making the least sense desperately needs to be done—and it needs to be done with a smile! It is very important to remember that every revolution is really an evolution. Anything that seems to occur spontaneously has actually been on a very long trail of grind-it-out activity leading up to that event.

I’m driven to drink (admittedly a short trip) while trying to explain things as basic as the fact that killing people for profit is wrong. The world is very painfully facing the obvious truth of that right now, yet there are still so many folks who believe that killing people solves more problems than killing the greed in people.

Changes (outside of self) don’t happen as or when we want them to. You can’t take a cake out of the oven before it is done. Logical realities will only ripen and surface in the regressive mind when they are ready to do so—the same as they do in your mind or mine. That is when the change happens and things can improve. But unless we keep our brains, hearts, compassion, patience, convictions, honesty, internal strength, loving kindness, respect, determination, and structural integrity to the grindstone on a very regular basis, improvements will never follow. The pissed-off dismay took a long time growing strong enough to spread through the American and French psyches in the 1700s before the colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor or Marie Antoinette had her date with the guillotine. That type of violence is no longer an option—but boldly stating the case for universal decency, as Jefferson and Rousseau did for decades before their revolutions ripened, will never go out of style. Neither will Gandhi’s ideas about non-cooperation with evil.

We are now in a time and situation where triggering off gunshots or oiling up guillotines won’t work. The “fight fire with fire” mentality is actually what we need to eliminate. Its previous results are what we are trying to repair. Fighting fire with fire doesn’t work. It has never worked. It produces bigger fires sparked by more advanced arsonists. Ask any Fireman. You fight fire with water, or smother it by using sand or chemicals. The flame loses its source of oxygen and suffocates out of existence. Sanity and honesty presented with patience and kindness can suck the oxygen out of fear and ignorance, and then repair damage from traumatic experience and misinformation.

I have heard folks defend police who shot a man although both of his weaponless arms were already pinned to the ground. I have heard people defend the needless murder of innocent foreign civilians and the death of our own misled American soldiers. I have heard folks say so very many things to rationalize their own fears, selfishness, and human frailty—that people with a different imaginary friend than they have are damned to hell, that Native Americans/Blackfolks/Tibetans/Jews/Indians/etc. are uncivilized and savage people who needed to be abused for their own good, that hungry and homeless people all deserve their plight, that obscenely irresponsible and blatantly greedy industrialization haven’t brutally damaged our environment, that foods containing more petroleum and toxins than nutrition are good for you, and so much more. It is easy for me to think, as the bumper stickers say, “If Jesus was here, he’d slap the shit out of you” and “Your god must have had a sharp stick up his almighty ass when he created you.” It is very easy to get angry at all the injustice and ignorance that allows so much painful and unnecessary suffering to continue. If I’m sick or have a bad day, the thought can briefly run across my mind that, “If someone would just bury this idiot in the hills, at least there would be one less idiot.” But I very quickly remember that: 1—becoming an asshole myself won’t help.2—truth, intelligence, patience, and real compassion are the only things that will help. 3—right now, the only things that matter are the things that will help.

Using kinder, more helpful, nobler qualities is our only chance to reach the folks who (although they may be quite wonderful to the individuals they know personally) are political and religious sociopaths due to inherited ignorance, hypnotic fears, and the ever-continuing programmed reinforcement of this ignorance and these fears by our culture.

Using kinder, nobler, and more helpful qualities is also my one and only chance of keeping myself in tow! The kindness I need to muster in order to be a decent human, to speak with folks that I strongly disagree with in a calm and respectful way, reminds me that life is about cooperation. It is a joint venture that must attempt to benefit all and hurt none. Ideas like these are valuable tools that keep me from getting frustrated to the point where I may start doing more harm than good. They protect me from becoming an angry jackass and lashing out at others—or myself. I hope I remember to use these tools more often. I hope you do too.       to see more   to buy books     to help

Never Give Up!

This bit was written to benefit discouraged people. I know you are probably not one of the discouraged, but I’ll bet you know someone who is. If so, please post this on to them. Be well. Thank you!
The Dalai Lama and so many others throughout history have said, “Never Give Up!” There can be no more important action over the next few months than to continue strongly supporting the only candidate for president that has more love for the people than for the profit. Work vigorously. With every vote Bernie gets, it pushes Hillary a little further left. Miracles happen! Although not likely, it is still possible that enough folks to push Bernie past the corruption will wake up late. On amore (mis-spacing intentional) practical level, we have to make a statement to the rest of the world, and to history. What’s happening now echoes elements of the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. book Player Piano. In it, a character decides to proceed with the revolution in spite of impossible odds, “For the record.” That is to say, so people in the future can see that tyranny is always worth opposing regardless of results, that it has been done, and that it can be done. Who knows?! Maybe our actions today will inspire a new generation to finalize our current process on behalf of justice and compassion! For the benefit of these 3 points I will never give up. 1–Every vote for Bernie pushes Hillary left. Our voices continue to be heard, even if our volume has been stolen by corruption. 2–History needs this to be done as diligently and energetically as possible, “For the record.” 3—The forces against us are self-centered while lacking a centered self. They are not going to steal who I am. I know who the best man for the job is, I know what the zeitgeist of the thinking/feeling/conscious folks in my country is, and I know that I will give no compromise or quarter to the nonsense that Dharma deficient, morally bankrupt, selfish-to-the-point-of-mental-illness political powers foster in America and throughout the world—or to the corporate, industrial, and banking despots who foster wars, corruption, and are the central nervous system of the current personal-profit-uber-alles attitude that operates at the expense of great suffering for many. Everyone lives, and then they die. This planet’s dirt, and the political and systemic miscreants that wallow in it, will eventually end up with my dead body in one of their cemeteries–but for every single day until that happens, they will never have my compliance, obedience, or surrender. p.s. The Dalai Lama video attached was made well before this primary election season. Bernie Sanders is not mentioned in it. I just thought it oddly kismetic that I ran across it while writing this. Considering how similar these two men are in their positive intentions and efforts, my blurb and this video seemed like they were supposed to go together. If you are in tune with the writing, you’ll also like what’s at the Fearless Puppy website and in the two books featured there. Be well.


EMERGENCY TELEGRAM FROM AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE FORM TO THE INTERNATIONAL POPULATION OF EARTH. We are watching and trying to help you as best we can! Here is what we see right now. Nothing on your planet holds the immediate importance of getting Bernie past Hillary. The effort to do so needs undivided attention. Showing up negatives of Trump and the rest doesn’t seem the best use of time and energy right now. There will, unfortunately, be plenty of time for that later. This point gets away from us too, at times, as my brothers, sisters, and I watch you Earth folks bouncing off the walls from our dear home planet of Whatdafugaretheythinkin!. In order to keep our minds from wandering, and to insure that we follow through with the effort necessary to be helpful to you, we have had to put so many weird scenarios out of our minds. I’m sure you’ve had a couple run through your mind too. The Trump show, the blatant corruption of the Democratic party machine, the immoral press discrimination–not to mention the usual points of daily distraction (pandemic war, hunger, suffering, environmental violence, the cat pooping worms, the bills needing paid, etc.) can boggle the mind, lead to runaway imagination, and divert attention from Spring time’s primary Primary objective. I have listed below a few brain farts we have suffered while watching your process from here on Whatdafugaretheythinkin!. In the spirit of so much of the material we all read, please let me know if I’ve missed any other bullshit or flights of imagination that, like these, don’t deserve attention either. ***P.S. Option #3 may be a dream or hallucination. But I think most people (who have read this far) will agree that in this case the long shot is our best shot. Success is certainly possible. We see imagination become reality every day! Every manufactured thing, every system, every invention is an imaginative hallucination before it actually gets built into material existence. THE point is that Option #3 is worth manufacturing into reality but can’t stand a chance unless the primary step of getting Bernie past Hillary is accomplished. That means winning big enough so that all the superdelegate bullshit and all the corruption cannot usurp the will of the people. Putting in as much effort as possible may not do it. I respectfully urge all my Earthling friends and group members to surpass “possible” and put in as much effort as is necessary to get the job done. *P.S. To my many wonderful friends and all the group members in India, China, Australia, Europe, and elsewhere around the world; If you think American international policy couldn’t get any worse than it has been, you’re wrong. This is a serious situation. The results of this election will affect the entire world—again. Whatever noise you can make, whatever support you can muster for the side of peace and compassion will be heard, felt, and appreciated not only in the USA but throughout the world. In the best-case scenario we can have a chance to build the kind of world that sane, happy people want to live in. In the worst-case scenario, the next wrong U.S. president could yield results so bad that America’s most recent war-mongering era will seem like a few decades with Mother Teresa. American presidents may all be no more than symbolic stooges of the ultra-rich, but the popular vote lets the controlling few know just how much they can get away with all at once. If we send them the wrong signal now, humanity may never recover. If we send the right one, we may slow these war profiteers down for long enough to avoid a whole lot of suffering—and we could even get some problems fixed! Thank you. And now for our short list of Extraterrestrial brain farts, similar no doubt to some that are occurring in the minds of many Earthlings. Love and Peace from Planet Whatdafugaretheythinkin! Your Pal, Jahbuddha the Unconquerable 1—a) Trump gets snubbed by the Republican party and replaced by Jeb or Cruz. (This can certainly happen as the party chooses the candidate. The popular vote is an illusory process.) b) Trump gets killed by an assassin who says he “would have killed Hitler” if he could have. Don Drumph, at that point, is blown out of the human as well as the presidential race. Either way, a or b, the Trump followers spew violence and civil war in America. The country and the world are then further divided and conquered by the few people who already own everything. 2—Somebody blows Bernie away, saying he was an evil commie socialist. The assassin claims he “would have killed Hitler” if he could have. No one knows what might happen then. Liberal America doesn’t have the stupidity or the balls to violently revolt. A nationwide strike of non-cooperative inaction would make waves, but who knows if glorious India would have had the balls to do it if Gandhi had been capped before that famous “day of prayer and fasting” ever got off the ground? Regardless, we wouldn’t get total cooperation on this non-cooperation thing anyway, not even from folks of like mind. Americans don’t know how to cooperate that well anymore. Vastly expanded numbers of military/police folk would then be called in to man essential stations left vacant, thereby killing the desired effect of the general strike (and probably a few hundred protestors). The nation and the world then get further divided and conquered by the same few people who already own everything. 3—Bernie gets elected and the world moves toward Utopia. People regain their senses and start taking care of each other. Folks who were previously vicious scumbags have a great and sudden simultaneous epiphany and become big-hearted altruists. The people who own everything start giving it back to the people they took it from. (Of course we’d all settle for even some moderate, concrete, progress in these directions.) 4—Bernie gets elected but is hog-tied by the system. Nothing changes. The world is further divided and conquered by the few people who still own everything. 5—Trump wins the American presidency and America takes that last step to becoming the new Nazi nation. The world is further divided and conquered by the few people who own everything. All that was known as “civilization” is set back several centuries and human suffering is incalculable. 6—a) Hillary gets elected. Four to eight more years of business-as-usual (corruption, war, poverty, injustice, etc.) b) A different Republican than Trump gets elected president. Four to eight more years of business-as-usual (corruption, war, poverty, injustice, etc.) 6b has more of a mean streak than 6a and would likely be a more destructive option, but they are both owned by the same few people—yes, the ones who own everything and divide the rest of us so they can run off with the loot at a cost of great suffering by the vast majority. *Please help make the first step a reality. Ignore all the possible futures and work hard to get Bernie past the corruption now. We here on Planet Whatdafugaretheythinkin! would then develop a lot more confidence in your planet and might feel more comfortable about actually showing up there to help with the rest of the process. For the time being, we will watch from a little distance and help as we can. I gotta tell you the truth. No insult or disrespect intended. Watching your politics reminds us of watching monkeys throw shit balls at each other in the zoo. Make an ET brother want to land! Get your Bernie past the bullshit by any peaceful means necessary! Enjoy the effort. You’re going to meet some nice people.

You Can Beat The System IN 15 Seconds

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Blocked by FB from posting for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. Want to beat them? Share this post wherever you can! How long will it take you? “The obstacles in front of us cannot survive the awesome power of the forces that stand behind us—once we couple those forces with the incredible abilities that, believe it or not, are waiting right within our own minds. These abilities are empowered as soon as they are recognized and gain strength when they are given consistent attention. When you commit to them, they commit to you. Individual human commitment makes history bend. When the international warmongers become as compliant with peaceful goals as most of the peaceful citizens have been with all the warmongering, then the effort toward planet wide sanity will become a cooperative voice of reason that sees everyone win. Be nice to everyone. We need them all. Be nice…

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You Can Beat The System IN 15 Seconds

Blocked by FB from posting for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. Want to beat them? Share this post wherever you can! How long will it take you? “The obstacles in front of us cannot survive the awesome power of the forces that stand behind us—once we couple those forces with the incredible abilities that, believe it or not, are waiting right within our own minds. These abilities are empowered as soon as they are recognized and gain strength when they are given consistent attention. When you commit to them, they commit to you. Individual human commitment makes history bend. When the international warmongers become as compliant with peaceful goals as most of the peaceful citizens have been with all the warmongering, then the effort toward planet wide sanity will become a cooperative voice of reason that sees everyone win. Be nice to everyone. We need them all. Be nice to yourself. We need you most.” TKT/DTR

The Society For Creative Maladjustment


Happy actual BD MLK Jr.! This from the book in progress. The Society for Creative Maladjustment

Based on a speech by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dedicated to him, the Giraffe Society, human Giraffes everywhere,
and to the Giraffe that lives in each of us.

Most institutions, including government, religious, and economic ones, share a stance that profits when the public craves stability, fears change, and clings religiously to status quo. These institutions promote as well as embody that craving for stability and that fear of change.
In a vain, ridiculous, and doomed quest for permanence, status quo attempts to avoid the growing pains and power shifts required by progressive change. One method used to accomplish profitable stagnation is to downplay the new and better. Status quo has tagged brilliant folks throughout history with some pretty dubious titles in an attempt to trivialize the importance of what these…

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The Society For Creative Maladjustment

Happy BD MLK Jr.! This from the book in progress. The Society for Creative Maladjustment

Based on a speech by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dedicated to him, the Giraffe Society, human Giraffes everywhere,
and to the Giraffe that lives in each of us.

Most institutions, including government, religious, and economic ones, share a stance that profits when the public craves stability, fears change, and clings religiously to status quo. These institutions promote as well as embody that craving for stability and that fear of change.
In a vain, ridiculous, and doomed quest for permanence, status quo attempts to avoid the growing pains and power shifts required by progressive change. One method used to accomplish profitable stagnation is to downplay the new and better. Status quo has tagged brilliant folks throughout history with some pretty dubious titles in an attempt to trivialize the importance of what these people had to say. We’ve heard “fruitcake,” “revolutionary,” “crazy,” “heretic,” “traitor,” “on the fringe,” “dangerous,” “weirdo,” “loose cannon,” and “commie” every now and then, but the label most often used in polite society to describe those who would rock the boat is “maladjusted.”
Status quo itself is something that lives in a glass house and really shouldn’t be throwing stones. Fear, bigotry, war, poverty, disease, and poisoning the biosphere are all stones with which our established systems could justifiably be hit. Many societal trends are accepted that are not at all well adjusted. The same could be said of the people who blindly follow these trends. Not long ago our society considered owning other people to be well adjusted.
It is unfortunate that so many of our better, kinder, more humane citizens suppress or even amputate their feelings in order to fit in and gain acceptance. They are often frozen in non-action. They accept the unacceptable in fear of the social penalties for being thought maladjusted. This impotent intelligence may be even sadder than the brutal ignorance it complies with.
Some folks believe that even the most intense human suffering can be tolerated, as long as they are not the particular humans who are doing the suffering. Most of us are better than that. Most of us cannot comfortably adjust to brutality. Some are courageous enough to speak out in a maladjusted manner against such injustices.
Look at the folks who were considered maladjusted by most of the people who shared their era! Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Copernicus—there’s no end to the list. Isn’t it amazing that more people aren’t excitedly running toward becoming creatively maladjusted rather than being frightened away from it?

When Mother Teresa first began her mission “everyone thought she was cracked.” (This quote is from Father Gabrich, a fellow Albanian expatriate and fifty year friend of Mother’s. He said the first Mass given in the first rooms where Mother began her care of the sick and poor.) There are now very few people of any religion who do not recognize her as a Saint. She bucked the traditionalists with an inner strength that a “well adjusted” person cannot access. She didn’t just sidestep, but actually defied conventions of the very church that her life was based upon. She did so with a revolutionary attitude that leaned on ferocious courage and dismantled even the most liberally minded ignorance. She made the world a better place by sticking her neck out.

It’s not just famous people who do the creatively maladjusted thing.
The Giraffe Society recognizes people worldwide who stick their neck out for the greater good. They have a long list of regular folks just like us who are charter members of this particular branch of the Society for Creative Maladjustment.
An older couple walks to the bank. They have spent most of their lives in the frosty winters of northern America. They are going to their bank in order to transfer accounts to a sunny retirement spot, and to arrange for the sale of the home they are ready to leave.
Before they can get to the bank, they meet a cold, hungry, homeless man with a heart-wrenching true story. They listen. The couple never makes it to the bank that day. Instead, they take the man back to their home.
The couple’s next trip to the bank is to refinance the mortgage on their house, not sell it. They open a homeless shelter in that house and never move south. Their sunny retirement spot is now internal and they have never been happier.
They are publicly acknowledged and awarded membership in the Giraffe Society by virtue of their spiritual membership in Dr. King’s Society for Creative Maladjustment. At one time, the suffering man who they met on the way to the bank was a member too. He got lost, had some bad breaks, slipped downhill, and his membership lapsed. He has pulled himself back together now, helps to manage the shelter, and is again a member in good standing of The Society—and society at large.
He got by with a little help from his friends.
It can be said that many Monks and Nuns at this Temple I am now living in are full time members of The Society for Creative Maladjustment. They live without sex, without alcohol, and do not eat after noon. They deprive themselves of many things that most of us consider to be essential.
There are folks who see these choices as signs of maladjustment, but the results of these labors increase the ability of these Nuns and Monks to help other people. They are focusing on things they believe to be more important than material ease and luxury, or even physical comfort.

Are you someone who feels it? Are you someone who admires what that old couple did? Do you understand the good intentions and efforts of the Southeast Asian Temple dwellers that are described in parts of this book? If so, then you are probably someone who, at least occasionally, does a decent thing for a person in need whether or not others think you are well adjusted or maladjusted for doing so.
Thank you.
On behalf of all of your fellow creatures, and myself, thank you very much. Any helpful action can be a good one. What appears to be a small thing can end up having a big impact in the long run. Goodness multiplies very quickly some times.

If you don’t feel the point yet, it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. There are logical, if not always obvious, reasons for any behavior. Some of us have been screwed over so severely that we have a right to not recover from it, to stay isolated from, bitter toward, and even afraid of our fellow humans. The major problem with this approach is that it doesn’t work. We hurt ourselves more than we hurt anyone else by using it. Being right doesn’t help as much as forgiving does. Forgiving others is better than suffering.
Everyone has goodness in them. Even those who initially appear evil can turn saintly once they get past the fear and mental clutter that inspire cynicism and neurotic self-concern. When good intentions are put into action, when one person does something nice for another, those fears and that mental clutter begin to dissolve. Everyone benefits. The roots of evil start to rot and begin to pass away.
Every action contains its own automatic, congruent reward or punishment that is inseparable from it. Both instant and long term karma are facts of life.

Reading and talking will only take us so far. Only the doing gets a thing done.
Thinking, talking, or reading about doing is like trying to scratch an itchy head through a leather hat. It is a good start but doesn’t get the job done. People have talked about wanting to live on a peaceful, happy planet since the beginning of people. It hasn’t happened yet. The singular chance for the survival and happiness of our loved ones, ourselves, and future generations is being defined by what we do to increase cooperation, happiness, health, sanity, and respect for each other right now.

The Society for Creative Maladjustment has cleaned the red carpet in anticipation of your arrival. This society’s door is always open. When anyone joins up, everyone gets stronger. All approaches to a better world—whether scientific, spiritual, economic, or political—must lead through this door eventually. There is no sensible option to the compassionate cooperation inspired by a constructive and creative maladjustment to the world’s evils.

“Every society has its protectors of the status quo and its fraternities of the indifferent who are notorious for sleeping through revolutions. But today our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Among the most remarkable features characterizing Zen we find these: spirituality, directness of expression, disregard of form or conventionalism, and frequently an almost wanton delight in going astray from respectability.”
D.T. Suzuki

“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. We have seen the future, and the future is ours.”
Ceasar Chavez

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” Frank Zappa